Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my self named blog, Georgia Nicolaou and getting to know me.

My name is Georgia (as you probably guessed) I am an eighteen year old gap year student from London. I love travelling and hope to someday take a plane, a boat, a train all over the world. Who knows where I want to live when I am older but hopefully it will be sunny. 
When I am not typing a post away at my computer or studying for my re-take exams, I work as a tutor for children aged 4-15. I also spend a lot of my time reading, going out with friends and drinking tea. 
I hope to showcase more of my interests on here in the future such as, food, travel, books and creative posts.

I started off this blog in 2012 as a little hobby for myself. I quickly fell in love with writing posts and connecting with people from all over the world. My blog started off as a ‘fashion and beauty’ blog but now I have progressed to a more ‘lifestyle with a dollop of fashion and sprinkle of beauty,’ kind of blog. 

This year I hope to expand my blog to it’s true potential and really make it the best that it can be. Hopefully, I’ll find what I want my blog to be and it’s niche as the months progress. 

Hello everyone!
I am Georgia, I am currently fifteen and blow candles out every 25th June. I live in London with my parents, two brothers and sister. Oh and my cat. I have a lot of family members and I am very family orientated. I come from southern Cyprus so I am Greek Cypriot. 
I have a slight obsession with fashion and beauty and spending money. I love writing so blogging is perfect! 😀 – 10/02/2013

So I am finally updating this section.. two years later! it is the 20/06/2014 and i am nearly seventeen! I still live in London… well now I live more on the outskirts. 
Obviously, I am still Greek Cypriot- that will never change. However, I am now currently studying at college in hopes of going to university next year. 
I still have an obsession with fashion and beauty. Although my obsession for fashion exceeds that of beauty.
I still enjoy writing hence the two year continuation of this blog.
Currently, I am not much of a money spender as that I am a saver as I am saving up for many things and I currently earn peanuts working as a tutor.  

At eighteen years old, I have decided to update this section after a year and a half as a lot of things have changed since. 
My blog is now mostly lifestyle with some fashion thrown in.
Currently, I am on a gap year after receiving some not-so-great A Level results. I still work the same job but my pay is so much higher. 
I am also a massive money spender but i am trying to go back to being a saver. 
I still hope to go to university after my retakes. -04/12/2015