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It’s the start of the year and what does everyone attempt to do in January? Get their life together. A bullet journal is a great, creative and mindful way to get and stay organised. This post is going to give you full access into my journal by showing you my bullet journal set up for 2020. This is my fourth bullet journal since starting in 2016 and I must say this is possibly my favourite yet. If you are looking for some bullet journal spread ideas or if you just want a peak inside of my journal, keep scrolling!

What I Used:

Before we begin, I know I am going to receive a few questions on what I have used to create these spreads, so I’ll share them with you now. Hethrone dual brush pens, were used in every spread and are both phenomenal and affordable; I highly recommend them! I also used one other white gel pen from Uniball, which also amazing and cheap. This is a huge contrast to my 2018 and 2019 set ups where I must have used about 20 different utensils.

  • Hethrone Dual Brush Pens – Here
  • Scribbles that Matter Bujo – Here
  • Uniball Sigmo Um-153 (the best white pen) – Here

Still unsure on how to start a bullet journal? No fret, in this post I strip thing back to basics and provide spread examples and tips on how to start a bullet journal here.

The 2020 Bullet Journal…

That concludes my very minimal bullet journal set up. Previously being a student and living alone meant I had more things to track such as, deadlines, exams, meals and bills. As a result past bullet journal set ups were DENSE. I also used to track movies I’ve watched and my weight which I’ve missed out on this set up whilst watching Netflix. In other words, Henry Cavill in The Witcher was clearly a distraction. Alas, if you want to check out previous movies watched, weight loss and student spreads, click here!

I hope you enjoyed my mini bullet journal set up for 2020. I will be posting my January Bullet Journal Set Up next week, so stay tuned for that!


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