Non-Essential University Essentials

Following on from the very well loved, Ultimate University Packing Checklist post, I thought I would share with you a few other university essentials; my Non-Essential University Essentials. Now you don’t actually need a single thing on this list but if you do have any of these non-essential university essentials, your life and in some cases, your bank balance will be forever grateful.

Why For Art Thou Essentials?

Having packed all of the essentials (using my free packing checklist ofcourse,) as a fresher you’re probably thinking, ‘I definitely need more, right?’ Correct. You do. You can really never have too many things. These material items you might not use everyday but having been to university for three years, I highly recommend these things that you most definitely can (not) live without.

Also, all photos in this post are me enjoying said non-essential university essentials during my time at university!

university student holding a chilly's water bottle and hydroflask

Hydrating Yourself is Essential, As is Saving Some Money

All throughout university having a water bottle was essential. For my first two years I had numerous plastic water bottles which saved me from buying water everyday as I could just fill up my bottle for free. What wasn’t essential was the horrible after taste of plastic and the BPAs. I decided to buy a Chilly’s water bottle in third year and I have not looked back. The sturdiness of these bottles are next to none and they really do keep your drinks cold/ hot for hours. So if you are in the library and want yourdrinks to stay warm/ cold I would recommend a Chilli water bottle. They also do coffee flasks and all of their products come in different capacities. Other brands you can try are Swell. But then you can also go VSCO girl and get yourself a hydroflask!

Helping Save the Turtles is Also Essential

Now in all seriousness, plastic straws are catastrophic for wildlife. Swapping to metal straws can save you from using 10s of straws per year that will end up in our oceans and suffocating and poisoning the marine life that live there. So when you are having pre drinks at yours or are going to the cinema, take the straw! This pack comes with 16 reusable straws and a straw cleaner!

Save Yourself Money from Putting on the Heating and Buy These Cute Things

Living in a seaside town for uni meant it was freezing during the winter months. Since having the heating on is quite ‘spenny’ (as students say nowadays) its worth bundling up. Having a plush blanket which doubles as a bed throw is hitting two birds with one stone. Not only will you look cute and warm vegetating on the sofa with a ghastly hangover but your bed will look great after you collapse on it after a long day of labs. Another essential is definitely a hot water bottle. When it’s so cold that even a blanket can’t keep you warm, a hot water bottle is key. I received one as a Secret Santa gift and it kept me toasty warm for months.

university student lying on the bed holding a penguin hot water bottle
Peter the Penguin continues to keep me warm, even now I’ve moved back home.

Organisation Is Key

As a student, the best thing you can do is organise yourself. I was so organised that my third year bullet journal even had a time to cry slot. Yes, your deadlines and dissertation will do that to you. Organising your time in a journal also doubles up as relaxation time, which is a which is vital for your mental health. University halls provide very small wardrobes and some student houses do not even provide that so getting yourself these wardrobe organisers will allow you to maximise your storage space and the amount of jeans and cute tops you have.

‘Alexa, play ‘please wake me up for essential 9am on cell biology’

I bought an Amazon Echo Dot in third year and let me tell you, I do not regret it, not one bit. In fact many of my housemates had them and we ended up using them like Walkee Talkees most of the time (yes you can do that!) Not only providing an amazing speaker for getting ready, your alexa can wake you up by playing the news of the day followed by your favourite radio station/ playlist and my personal favourite, send you to sleep listening to a playlist of rain noises. These routines are completely customisable and you can make a routine that fits you via the Alexa app on your smart phone. There are many more benefits of an Alexa like setting timers, reminders, alarms etc. but also the echo dot possesses some cool games you can play both single and multiplayer.

With that I conclude my non-essential university essentials. Man, writing this makes me wish I was going back so badly. I am going to miss these days- excuse me, I feel like a blubbering mess right now. If any current/ ex university students have any other ideas of what to pack… send them our way in the comments below!



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