The Ultimate University Packing Checklist

Hello undergraduates, welcome to the first post in my student series, where I have compiled the ultimate university packing checklist. Moving away from home to attend university is a very stressful time period so I thought I would relieve some of your stress by compiling a university packing checklist that you can download and print off, comprising of essential items.

Congratulations are in order.

I would like to start off by saying congratulations to all of you who have received your A-level results. No matter what you got, you have done amazingly well. Trust me, my A levels nearly killed me and i didn’t get into my first choice university but three years later, so close to graduating, I can’t imagine myself having gone to another university. A-levels are hard so celebrate what you have achieved because you’ll be moving out soon!
A checklist like this would have been very helpful when I first moved to university however, all I could find were posts from parents sending their children off to university for the first time. thinking we’re going to need 6 different types of spoons. So if you are a university student or a parent/ guardian of one, I have the ultimate college/ university packing checklist, perfect for your packing needs.
Starting university can be a little daunting due to there being so much to do in so little time, organisation here really is key.  As a fresher you will probably either underpack or over pack so it is essential you use a college/ university packing checklist. Lucky for you, I have done this three times so you are in the right place with a checklist that will see you through the year and perhaps beyond. I will however keep an eye on your cutlery as I started off with four of everything and am now left with a spoon, a fork and half of a mug.
‘Well, I’m not going to carry it on my head now, am I?’
Before you pack, you’re going to need things to put your stuff in. When I moved to university I bought a large suitcase, a weekend suitcase (this is essential for a much needed weekend away) and these boxes, which made life 100% easier instead of using the staple bin bags and ikea specials. I really recommend checking out Amazon for cheap and durable storage solutions.
The list of all lists:

If you want to download this college/ university packing checklist, click here. In the rare (and perhaps likely) case I have forgotten something, I’ve also included a few extra spaces for you to add things for yourself. Most of my university things such as my mattress protector (please get this, you do not know what has gone on in your bed before you moved in!) and crockery set I really recommend Amazon because they ship everywhere and their returns are easy as sleeping through your 9ams.
As with the bedroom stuff, that really is personal to you and i’ve just put a few bits on there that you may need. Most of the stuff is not essential but it’s good to have them to make your room feel more like home and I will be writing a whole other post on ‘Non-essential University Essentials,’ so keep you eyes peeled for that.  I will also be doing an in-depth post on making your uni room feel more like home so watch this space.

My next post will be all about FRESHERS and what to expect.

Talk to you next Saturdays, students.


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