How I Made $179.42 In January 2019 | Blogging Income Report

Hello! Welcome to my first ever income report *does happy dance.* I am quite apprehensive about writing and sharing this post but I thought I may as well be transparent about it as I love reading other people’s and I want to show that small blogs can definitely earn something! Having said that, I am a small blog so you may not see another income report for a few months, unless I get my butt into gear and start implementing my strategy. In this post I am going to be sharing with you how I, as a very small blog, earned $179.42 (£138.54) in January.

I’m first going to let you in on a little secret that helped me earn this small salary:


Last year, I made the decision that being poor and at uni sucks. I thought I have a blog which could potentially earn me a few extra pounds but my layout and the ‘blogger’ platform was not cutting it for me.

I WENT SELF-HOSTED. it was the best decision i have ever made. I chose to go self-hosted with Siteground as you pay as little as $3.95 per month for your blog. They are amazing with their online step by step tutorials on how to transfer over your blog (sometimes they can even do it for you!) and the 24hr help desk where you talk to a real person.

I have never earned so much money blogging as I do now that I went self-hosted with Siteground.


Delving into my Google Analytics, the month of January, for me, saw a HUGE spike in traffic, with an average of 1, 200 people visiting my blog per day. The posts that were extremely popular were

My ‘How to Start A Bullet Journal’ post always proves the most popular in the new year due to that fact that people want to start a journal for the new year. One pin on pinterest and BAM, 1.1m impressions in just under a month.

My 2019 Bujo Set Up was people’s second favourite posts in January purely because it was the only post published in that month (boo, january exams)

Streams of Income

I only really have 2 streams of profitable income. The first is Google Adsense. You have to meet a £60 threshold for the UK but for the US I believe it is $100 in ad revenue. The second stream is Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Affiliate marketing is by far my most profitable. I have both a UK and US account, with the majority of the money coming from the US. Whenever someone buys something from a link i’ve linked to Amazon, i get the tiniest percentage in commission. The problem is because I am UK resident, the payment is sent by cheque and it is in dollars so there is an exchange rate, also I wont see the cheque until the end of March as it is processed two month behind.

With these I implement ads on my blog, which people click on. I get a pay per click. With amazon, as said above i get a tiny comission when people buy things from my links. I only put relevant links into my blogposts.

Amazon Affiliates: $113.46 which equates to £87.61

Google Adsense: $65.93 which equates to £50.93

Round Up and Goals for February

At the moment i have two streams of revenue. I am not looking to expand those streams just yet as I want to stabilise an income first. To do that I need to start posting consistently with great pinnable content. Goals for February include:

  • three blogposts
  • improving my photography
  • reaching the adsense threshold

I hope you enjoyed my first mini income report. I know I didn’t earn a lot of money (like those bloggers that earn £1000s!!! wth!) but I am proud of this little sum. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them and I will get back to you ASAP.

*THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS- which if you purchase anything from the links, I get a small comission.


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