‘Err, Georgia, you do know we are nearing the middle of January, right?’ Yes, I know, my bullet journal set up is days, maybe even weeks overdue BUT better late than never. I must say this is probably my favourite bullet journal set up i have ever done and i thought nothing could beat my 2018 set up but this one definitely did. I finally stopped using spreads i thought I would use and really planned what I would use and how my 2019 bullet journal is going to be set up. I am so pleased with the results and I am so excited to be sharing my Bullet Journal Set Up for 2019 with you all.2019-01-01 01.08.17 2Like I said above, this year’s bullet journal is much more ‘me,’ in the sense that I have loads of goal pages (because i like setting them,) I took time to really think about my trackers and what I want to track and just spent a while planning spreads. I would highly recommend doing this because if you are anything like me and like order of the beginning spreads of your Bujo, planning is key.  Without further a do, lets get into it.



  • An eraser (i forgot mine at uni but i promise the pencil lines are all gone now)


My Year at A Glance is something I hate doing; it always turns out bad but I always go back to it. This little 2018 review is stolen from Christina77star. I saw it and really loved the look of it and the fact that you can both reflect on the previous year and make goals for this new year.bullet_journal_set_up_2019_resolutions_2019_goal_and_actionsNext we have my 2019 resolutions. I made a big post about this here on how you can set realistic resolutions for yourself. I went with the star theme because that’s basically what I am reaching for. Another goal page follows, with a space for actions to achieve these goals. I love using little mindmaps for goals as i can both draw and write and it will look really cute.

2019-01-01 01.08.21 1My most favourite spread ever is my 2019 year in pixels! OMG i love this so much. I did this in my 2018 bujo and loved it so decided to go double spread with it this year and I also added a few more sections/ moods.

Loving GEORGIANICOLAOU.CO.UK? Thank you! We recently had a makeover and went self-hosted with SiteGround (the moveover was super easy- i did it myself, thanks to their tutorials) and we could not be happier. They are to thank for the super speed you are experiencing on the site! 

2019-01-01 01.08.21 2I have a bookshelf with 25 books on it, which is my goal for the year! That’s 2 books a month which I can hopefully complete. I’m normally really bad at reaching my Goodreads goal but since i am finishing uni this year for good (oh god, help) I will probably have more time in the other half of the year.    With the movies, i plan on watching one new movie per month so I have 12 popcorn pieces.

2019-01-01 01.08.20 1Then we have my instagram and youtube goal pages. I went with clouds for youtube and pot of gold for insta. If you want to follow me on youtube click here and click here if you want to follow me on instagram (shameless plug with quality content LOL.)2019-01-01 01.08.20 2Next up is my stats and income tracker. Previously my stats tracker was just too small and had a lot of things on it so i made it clearer this year. The income tracker is a new addition.

Take a nosey inside my 2018 bullet journal here.

2019-01-01 01.08.19 1Another one of my favourite posts: my youtube and blogpost tracker, ive been using this so far and love it.

2019-01-01 01.08.19 2Getting into the uni spreads, I have a little calendar type thing to track exams and deadlines, a grade tracker and final semester goals (god i need to stop with these goals.)

2019-01-01 01.08.18 1Lastly we have a fitness journey spread. This is to track my weight and measurements. I really am more focused on the measurements but because I want to loose weight also, I added that in.bullet_journal_set_up_2019_journal_flip_throughI hope you enjoyed my 2019 bullet journal set up. If you have posted a set up please link it to me in the comments <3



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