‘Georgia, you do know we are nearing the middle of January, right?’ Yes, I know my bullet journal set up is a few days *weeks* overdue  but I promise you this set up is worth the wait. Thinking nothing could top my 2018 set up, I was delighted that my bullet journal set up for 2019 hit it out of the park. I finally stopped using spreads I thought I would use and really utilised what I currently used. I am very pleased with the results and I’m so excited to be sharing my Bullet Journal Set Up for 2019 with you all.2019-01-01 01.08.17 2


Having this be my fourth bullet journal, I have become a pro at planning, especially when it comes to setting up a new journal. At the end of every year I sit down with my journal’s last few pages and sort my spreads into ‘keep’ and ‘delete.’ Those that I keep, I adapt/ redesign them further on separate pages and then at the end I plan the order of my spreads. Without further a do, lets get into it.


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  • An eraser (i forgot mine at uni but i promise the pencil lines are all gone now!)

The Beginning:

bullet_journal_set_up_2019_year_at_a_glance_2018_review‘A Year at A Glance’ is something I hate doing; its quite tedious but I use it alot so it definitely need to be keep in. My 2018 review spread is stolen from Christina77star as I really loved the look of it. I haven’t filled it in yet but I love how i can reflect on 2018 and make goals for 2019.bullet_journal_set_up_2019_resolutions_2019_goal_and_actionsNext we have my 2019 resolutions spread. I made a big post about this here all about how you can set realistic resolutions for yourself. Another goal page follows, with a space for actions to achieve these goals. I love using mindmaps for goals as I can be creative with both words and drawings.

2019-01-01 01.08.21 1My most favourite spread is my 2019 year in pixels. I don’t think I have ever loved a spread this much. In my 2018 bullet journal I had this on one side of the page but now I have it on a double spread and it works to be so much more effective.

Loving GEORGIANICOLAOU.CO.UK? Thank you! We recently had a makeover and went self-hosted with SiteGround (the moveover was super easy- i did it myself, thanks to their tutorials) and we could not be happier. They are to thank for the super speed you are experiencing on the site! 

The Middle:

2019-01-01 01.08.21 2I have goal to read 25 books this year, so i have a shelf with 25 empty books to be named and coloured in once they have been read. I’m am notoriously bad at reaching my Goodreads goal but since I am finishing uni this year for good (oh god, help) I will  have more time in the other half of the year to read. With the movies, i plan on watching one new movie per month so I have 12 popcorn pieces to fill in.

2019-01-01 01.08.20 1Up next is another goal spread dedicated to my social media growth across instagram and youtube. I went with clouds for youtube and pot of gold for insta. 2019-01-01 01.08.20 2Next up is my stats and income tracker. Previously my stats tracker was just too small and had a lot of things on it so I made it much clearer this year. The income tracker is a new addition.

Take a nosey inside my 2018 bullet journal here.

2019-01-01 01.08.19 1Another one of my favourite posts is my youtube and blogpost tracker. I have been using this so far and love how it keeps me ontop of each post.

The End (of University):

2019-01-01 01.08.19 2Getting into the university spreads, I have a little calendar panel to track exams and deadlines, a grade tracker and a final semester goals page. 

2019-01-01 01.08.18 1Lastly we have a fitness journey spread. This is to track my weight and body measurements. I really am more focused on the measurements but because I want to loose weight also, I added that in.bullet_journal_set_up_2019_journal_flip_throughI hope you enjoyed my 2019 bullet journal set up. If you have posted a set up please link it to me in the comments <3



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