I love new year resolutions. They are a clean slate for us to be able to achieve goals we have always wanted to achieve. Every single year I, along with many others, make new year resolutions and every single year I, along with many others, fail at my new year resolutions. Why do we fail? Plain and simple, we fail because:how_to_make_realistic_goals_in_your_bullet_journal

  1. these goals are so severely unattainable
  2. the are too many goals
  3. we don’t want to change

You heard right. We give ourselves such unrealistic expectations that to even think about achieving them makes us not even want to. The steps to achieve these goals are infinite and we are standing at the bottom with no motivation or drive to reach the top we cannot even see. Therefore, this year we need to ditch all of these heavy expectations and make some realistic expectations. How, you ask? Lets go through the steps.

This post comes in the form of a bullet journal spread, which you can copy or you can just set it out on your phone, using the headers i have done in this post.

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1) Pick up to three aspects of your life you want to improve/ change

The reason for three is for those of us who cannot pick just one. Please try and just keep to three as we don’t want to set up too high expectations.


  • my physical health
  • my studies

2) Further narrow these down- what do you want to improve in this aspect?

Look into your aspects, what specifically would you like to change? The trick here is to not be too drastic in your choices. For example: if you wanted to save money and you earn £30k, dont say i want to save £25k because it wont happen and thats very disheartening.

  • Physical Health: i would like to get fitter and loose weight
  • My Studies: get a degree i am proud of

3) So you’ve got your resolutions, how are you going to achieve them?

you dont want a bunch of steps for your resolutions but you do need an action plan. If you have this, it’s easier to stick to and achieve.

  • Physical Health: go to the gym a minimum of twice a week and make healthier food choices
  • University: concentrate on my studies- hit them books.


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4) TAADAAA! You now have resolutions with a few steps to achieve your goals! Let’s put it all together:

  1. Improve my physical health my going to the gym a few times a week and making smart food choices.
  2. Get a degree I am proud of by keeping on top of my work by living in the library

Hope you have enjoyed this post! If you have read this post and don’t have a bullet journal, click here to get started!



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