Hello! Congratulations to all of you who have received your a-level results. No matter what you got, you’ve done amazingly. I for one was disappointed with my A Level results and was not entirely happy with the university I got into but two years later I do not regret a thing, so please do not beat yourself up about where you are going to go.
For those of you heading to university in September I thought I would start a mini series on my blog to help you out in your university journey and beyond. This series will involve packing, freshers, meals, studying and more!
For the first post in this series I thought I would start with a packing checklist as this is the beginning of the whole university journey and you don’t want to turn up to your halls realising you’ve forgot a lot of things.
As starting university can be a little daunting due to there being so much to do in so little time, I wanted to relieve some stress for you. As a fresher you will probably either underpack or over pack but lucky for you, I have done this three times so I have a checklist that will see you through the year.
Before you pack, you’re going to need things to put your stuff in. When i moved to university I bought a large suitcase, a weekend suitcase (for when you go home) and these boxes, which made life 100% easier.

what you need for university, all of the things you need to pack for college.

If you want to download this checklist, click here. I’ve also included a few extra spaces for you to add things for yourself- in the rare case I’ve missed something out 😉
As with the bedroom stuff, that is personal to you and i’ve just put a few bits on there that you may need. Most of the stuff is not essential but it’s good to have them to make your room feel more like home. I will be doing an in-depth post on making your uni room feel more like home so watch this space.

My next post will be all about FRESHERS and what to expect.

Talk to you next Sunday, students.



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