2016 is over! With the year coming to completion, my bullet journal is too. To mark the end of the year, I though it was only fair to show you guys a complete flip through of my first ever bullet journal.

I started this journal in April and cannot believe I have stuck to it for so long. I honestly cannot see myself without one any time soon as it has completely helped to organise my life.

You have seen some of my bullet journal already as I have posted one flip through that spanned the first couple months and I have also filmed and written some ‘plan with mes.’ So without further a do I will show you the video and some pictures, which will be below the video.


It was not until after my first flip through where I started experimenting with different layouts and weekly spreads.

As you can see I did some vertical spreads, which I loved at the time. I also started to experiment with colour schemes. It was not until September/ October where I started to properly stick to a colour scheme. Although it is a bit restrictive, I much prefer it!


In November/ December I started to go all out with my BuJo and experimented with dutch doors, both horizontal and verticle. I do much prefer the horizontal dutch door than the verticle one because I don’t have much to write on every day.
Although this bullet journal is a tiny bit of a shambles, I love it! I’ve learned what I like in my journal and am so excited to start my new one!
I’ll definitely be writing / filming a 2017 bullet journal set up soon!
Do you have a bullet journal? What did your one look like this year?

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