Hey guys, today I am going to be doing a sort of follow up posts from my ‘HOW TO OVERCOME THE FEARS OF STARTING A BLOG’ post and list the things I wish I knew when I started blogging, so newbie bloggers wont make similar mistakes. I know that there are a lot of these posts on the internet but they are all a bit personal and each are are different. So without further a do, here we go….

1) Day Light is Your Friend

I wish I knew this when I started blogging because my photo game would have been 1000x better, which would have made my blog 1000x better. Nothing can be day light/ natural light, no matter how much editing you do.

2) Have a Clean Layout

 I’m not saying you have to take the plunge and buy a £30 blog layout straight away, (I only bought one this year!) just make sure it’s not too busy and everything is organised. This makes your blog so much more pleasing aesthetically and will make people stay!

3) Track Post Ideas

Whenever you have a post idea, spur of the moment, write them down. Create a list on your phone using the note app or any you fancy or my personal favourite, a blog book. This way you can always look back at the ideas when you are in a slump!

4) Research HTML

Knowing some HTML, like how to create paragraphs in your sidebar, get dashed borders is really good. I wish I researched HTML sooner as it would have helped me tones with my previous early templates and would have made my blog more unique.

5) Networking is KEY

 Social network plays a massive part in blogging and really helps you grow your audience. Also, if you are ever stuck with post ideas, other bloggers will help you out. The blogging community is so big and will help you out with so much.


 These non- blogging folk will not understand the most simplest of blogging lingo eg. my family call every blog POST a BLOG, it really grinds my gears and what is a #lblogger or a #fblchat? They are clueless. Seriously, they all wonder why I even write a blog.

7) Don’t work with just ANYONE- build you cred

 Build a blogging reputation is very important as you want your audience to trust you reviews and what you say, which will further you relationship with other brands.

8) Comment, comment, comment:

As a newbie blogger, you want to get your blog name out there and the best way to do this is by sharing it with other bloggers. do NOT SPAM them, make sure your comments have meaning and ask a question as they’ll be more ineterested to view your blog.

9) Make your images PIN worthy

Pinterest is huge at the moment. In the past few weeks I have learnt the importance of pinterest and how it can really drive traffic to your blog. I’ve learnt the best ways to make my pics pin worthy and it really has helped increase my traffic.


This one is very important. As a blogger you are a very small fish in a massive ocean. You are unique and don’t lose that as your voice and writing are also unique. You know what they say, uniqueness is the key to success (lol joke i totally made that up, but its true.)

Those are the few things I have learnt blogging and things I wish I knew when I started blogging. Hopefully they helped you out!
Do you have anything you wished you knew when you started blogging?
Georgia x

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